Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Indore’s Pardeshipura police registered a case of rape two days ago on the complaint of a 15-year-old minor. On Tuesday, the police took the victim to MY and then to MTH. According to the information, the female police officer along with the accused reached MY with the victim. Here, in a gesture, the accused threatened to kill her. The victim’s family opposed this. But the lady officer present there calmed down the matter. Later the victim was taken to MTH from there.

Pardeshipura police took the 8th class student for medical treatment at MTH hospital on Tuesday after she became pregnant in the rape case. In which it was revealed that she was pregnant for about five months. With great difficulty the victim told the family the name of the accused boy.

When he went home, his mother started exerting political pressure. He even said that he is ready to pay Rs 5 lakh to hush up the matter. Get an abortion. But the family said that their daughter’s life has become bad and they will go to the police. He also threatened political people. The police conducted the hearing and registered a case in the matter.

A friend’s name came up
The girl told the family that another boy put more pressure on her to talk to the accused. The accused also has some photographs of the victim. TI has been informed about this. He has talked about increasing the names of the accused after investigation. The family members of the accused are also involved in this. His sister-in-law also asked him to come home several times on video call., pub-7609609636776236, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Stayed at Vijay Nagar police station for 5 hours
The victim’s family told that the victim also has an elder sister. He is also a minor. The family along with both daughters reached Vijay Nagar police station. Here he had to stand for five hours. But later he was sent from here to Pardeshipura police station. TI Pankaj Dwivedi listened seriously. A female officer was called and the girl was interrogated and a case was registered. But the victim and her family are still receiving threats from the accused party.

The victim does not want to give birth to a child
The victim’s mother told that her daughter does not want to give birth to the child in the womb. He does not understand right and wrong. Talked to police officers for this. He has given the numbers of Women and Children Commission. We are processing the abortion with the help of the court.

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