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Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Indore. After adding, subtracting and modifying names for the assembly elections, the fog from the voter list is now decreasing. The number of voters in 9 assembly seats of Indore district has now reached 27.60 lakh. The surprising thing is that there is more than double difference between the voters of assembly numbers three and five. Here, there were 3.08 lakh more voters than the voter list of 2018.

From August 1 to September 11, the Election Commission team worked at more than two and a half thousand polling stations in Indore. The effect of the activism of the general public along with the BLO was that the number of voters increased significantly in Indore district. The figure has reached 27 lakh 60 thousand 126. This may increase further, because the work of online addition and subtraction of forms submitted at the booths is still going on.

According to the figures revealed, the smallest assembly is number three, which has 1 lakh 86 thousand 210 voters, whereas in number five assembly this figure is 4 lakh 8 thousand 229. Highest number of voters are in this assembly. About 24 thousand new applications for adding names were received, which was the highest compared to other assemblies. Assembly-1 is at second place among the assemblies with the largest number. There are three lakh 62 thousand 712 voters here. The third number is from Rau, where there are 3 lakh 54 thousand 86 voters.

There are 35 thousand more voters in the district than men.
Male 13,95,834
Female 13,64,187
third gender 105
This is the number of voters revealed
Depalpur 2.69,050
Assembly-1 3,62,712
Assembly-2 3,51,411
Assembly-3 1,89,210

Assembly-4 2,40,903
Assembly-5 4,08,229
Mhow 2,82,785
Rau 3,54,086
Evening 3,01,740
Total Voters – 27, 60, 126
There were so many voters in the voter list of 2018.
Depalpur – 2,20,576
One number – 3,24,822
Two numbers – 3,38,203
Number three – 1,91,601
Number four – 2,51,685
Number five – 3,56,859
Mhow – 2,40,299
Rau – 2,86,133
Evening – 2,42,119
Total voters – 24,52,297

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