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Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Yashvardhan was partying with friends in Choral river, the youth had parked their car in the middle of the river. When the flow of water increased, they were washed away along with the car. Everyone was rescued late at night.

Due to heavy rains in Indore, former minister Ranjana Baghel’s son Yashvardhan was washed away in the Choral river. Two friends who were with him were rescued first but the search for Yashvardhan continued till late night. Villagers, SDRF and police teams were busy searching for him. He was also saved late at night.

The incident happened on Friday evening. Yashvardhan was partying with his friends by taking a car in the middle of Choral river. During this time, due to increase in water in the river, all three friends along with their car were washed away. Yashvardhan remained stuck on the tree for several hours, then he lost his hand and was swept away in the water.

Clinging to the tree, it survived for a long time, then it washed away.
Information has been received that Yash had gone to Ratabi Farm House located near Khudail for a picnic with friends. All the friends parked the car in the middle of the river and started partying. Shortly after the rains started, the water level of the river increased rapidly. The flow of water was so fast that even their car got washed away. The three friends kept flowing for about half a kilometer. Everyone took support of trees or other things. The people of the village immediately arrived to save the three. By 12.30 in the night the villagers had taken out Yash’s friend Ojas and one other friend. Former minister Baghel had also reached the spot. The villagers told that Yash sat holding the branch of the tree for some time but later when the flow of water became stronger, he was washed away. Searching at night was slow due to darkness but Yash was also rescued late in the night. When the former minister came to know about this, she fainted.

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