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Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Ratlam News:  A youth from Nagda of Dhar district and his companion, who had come to meet a female friend in the garden of Kalika Mata Complex of Station Road police station area, were attacked with a knife by another youth. Due to this both of them got injured. The accused also broke the glass of his car and ran away. The police is searching for him.

Recognized on internet media

Ajay Rathod told that he had known a girl named Anita for some time on the internet media. They used to talk on the phone. They have met once in Ujjain and once in Nagda. Their conversation had stopped for six months. On Saturday, Anita had called him to Ratlam to meet him.

was sitting in the garden

Came to meet him here on Sunday with fellow Vishnu. At around five o’clock in the evening, he went and sat near Anita in Kalika Mata’s garden. Anita takes his phone. Meanwhile, a young man came and attacked me with a knife. He got hurt in his hand. He ran away from there and sat in the car and asked Vishnu to take out the car. Meanwhile, the accused youth reached near the car. When Vishnu tried to intervene, the accused youth also attacked Vishnu with a knife. When he kicked the accused to push him away, he also hit his leg. This hurt Vishnu’s leg as well. On the other hand, Vishnu told the police that he had come with Ajay to meet his sister.

Reached the police station with the car

According to Ajay, the accused youth pelted stones and broke the side and rear glass of the car. After this he ran away. We took the car and reached Station Road police station. From there he was taken to the district hospital. According to the police, on the report of the injured Vishnu, a case is being registered against the unknown accused and a search is on for him.

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